When I started this writing caper I decided to review everything I read. I posted those reviews to Amazon in the UK and US (you could in those days without having to spend $50 with them first! #JustSaying!) and Goodreads. It didn’t cross my mind to post them on my blog… duh! As I’m aiming to stick to a blogging schedule – oh, how we laughed! – and as I read desperately slowly I shall add in these retro-fitted book reviews when I don’t have a current one to post.

Heaven's Waiting Room

I don’t generally give much thought as to what happens after death but this was a wonderful tale of how it could be. Teenager Portia has died but finds she is still amongst the living and has to work out how to carry on in this new world that has dangers in the form of ghouls as well as perks such as being able to change location just by thinking of it. Portia makes new friends who help her as she struggles to deal with her families’ grief over her death. This is a well written, nicely paced story through which a tender young romance flows as well as giving you plenty to think about in an area that perhaps many people prefer not to. There are some lovely well rounded characters, both good and bad, and Wilson depicts them all and their settings very well and I particularly loved the thought of the waiting room and the bureau. This was a highly enjoyable read that I’d highly recommend.

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