It was meant to be a podcast post today but I have simply run out of time so there’s this instead:

When I started this writing caper I decided to review everything I read. I posted those reviews to Amazon in the UK and US (you could in those days without having to spend $50 with them first! #JustSaying!) and Goodreads. It didn’t cross my mind to post them on my blog… duh! As I’m aiming to stick to a blogging schedule – oh, how we laughed! – and as I read desperately slowly I shall add in these retro-fitted book reviews when I don’t have a current one to post.

lunch hour

It’s difficult to stop reading a book made up of such short stories as you get drawn along wanting to get on with the next one, so I didn’t really, pretty much finishing it in one sitting! I didn’t realise at first that these stories were linked but as the stories flowed, each one complete in itself, the underlying storyline developed showing a picture of an office at lunchtime and its occupants. People’s lives are always interesting yet so often we don’t know much about those who work next to us and this collection of flash fiction covers a wide range of the office workers and their thoughts and feelings. A delightful collection of very well written short stories, there is something here for everyone and I highly recommend this excellent read.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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4 Responses to Retro-fitted #bookreview for Lunch Hour, a Flash Fiction Collection by Calum Kerr @calumkerr #flashfiction
  1. Best laid plans and all that… If I have learned one thing about this blogging lark, is that you can never manage to make plans and stick to them. ‘The best you can’ is the only thing you can hope to aim for…

  2. Got my copy of Lunch Hour downloaded an am looking forward to reading it. I love Flash Fiction


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