When I started this writing caper I decided to review everything I read. I posted those reviews to Amazon in the UK and US (you could in those days without having to spend $50 with them first! #JustSaying!) and Goodreads. It didn’t cross my mind to post them on my blog… duh! As I’m aiming to stick to a blogging schedule – oh, how we laughed! – and as I read desperately slowly I shall add in these retro-fitted book reviews when I don’t have a current one to post.

Twitter for Writers

This is an excellent book for all Twitter users, new as well as the more established. It covers the basic functions as well as the more advanced strategies. Written from experience and trial and error Rayne Hall is also happy enough to divulge the errors she has made along the way which is encouraging for newbies who are concerned that making one error will mess up their account forever. There are things in the book; some of the advanced things I will never use such as Twitter parties I just don’t have the time however it’s good to know what’s possible. A great reference tool I’d recommend to all Twitter users.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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