When I started this writing caper I decided to review everything I read. I posted those reviews to Amazon in the UK and US (you could in those days without having to spend $50 with them first! #JustSaying!) and Goodreads. It didn’t cross my mind to post them on my blog… duh! As I’m aiming to stick to a blogging schedule – oh, how we laughed! – and as I read desperately slowly I shall add in these retro-fitted book reviews when I don’t have a current one to post.


I always enjoy reading a selection of short stories when I don’t have the time to concentrate on a novel. I read these recently whilst travelling and they were an excellent companion. I’m not sure exactly what makes something horror rather than suspense and I guess it comes down to what personally makes you scared so for me many of these were more suspense than horror but very well written suspense throughout.

An anthology gives you the opportunity to sample the work of several different writers without committing to a full novel and I found the writing of all of these, though varied in style, equally excellent in quality.

I’m not going to comment on each story, as this would become far too long, but to mention a few I particularly liked Death comes to Maggie McDaniel by Grayson Bray Morris. It was cleverly structured and flowed very well. Druid Stones by Rayne Hall was very good with a brilliant twist at the end which is never easy to carry off well. Life in Miniature by Tracie McBride was a great idea and very well executed. I was going to leave it there but have to mention finally that I liked the way the everyday fears of the protagonist in Out of Order by Karen Heard were swiftly replaced by those of a very real and truly horrible nature.

You will all find your favourites in this collection and I’d recommend this book to all who like a bit of darkness in their reading. I will certainly look out for work by any of these writers in the future.

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