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Because I’ve never read much fantasy I really enjoyed reading these stories as they fed my imagination with the other worlds that can be created out there. Payback is a Witch is the story of a young witch, Claire Danielsen, whose powers are not yet fully developed, and whose goddess is an overly large cat and Peter Oshiro, a warden who polices a delicate truce between those who are human and those who are not.

These two have met before, have history and when they meet again their relationship starts off tentatively as Peter is sent to be her, unwanted, bodyguard. Pushed together the chemistry soon starts fizzing but there is danger coming for Claire, encircling the house which is the centre of her power and it takes all her efforts to hold off what is out in the woods waiting for her. I won’t give anything else away but there is so much I loved about this is a wonderfully told story, which has Taub’s humour shining all the way through it, and that I’m itching to tell you but you will just have to read it for yourselves instead.

Just for the Spell of it tells the story of partners who work cases for the Accords Agency. Liam is an ungodly soccer-playing card sharp and Eirie is a beautiful punk fairy princess who has her own daytime radio talk show. Their banter is sparky and the humour in this brilliantly written story had me smiling along throughout. I loved the relationship between Liam and Eirie growing from one thing, where they kept ignoring what was going on between them to a sizzling other with a baby thrown in to add to the mix.

This is the second wonderful book I’ve read from this fabulous author and I shall certainly be checking out more of her work as she manages to balance light-hearted entertainment whilst still putting her characters in life threatening situations – brilliant!


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8 Responses to Review for Tales from Null City by Barb Taub
  1. Really glad you’ve been enjoying reading something a little different from your normal genres.

  2. These books sound great, Georgia. I’m definitley going to be checking them out as your reviews have really piqued my interest 😀

  3. Hi,

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the
    lazyout on your blog website.
    Obvoiusly, I’ve been enjoying reading something a little different from your normal book.

    Have a nice day!

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