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In 2012 I decided that I wanted to seriously get down to writing a book. The story for what became the Grayson Trilogy came together in my head while I lay on a sunbed on our summer holiday. I formed an image of the setting, created characters and had a jolly old time imagining what they’d get up to. I returned home having not written a word but soon put that right scribbling in any spare moment I had when not working or looking after the family. The one book became three and A Single Step was published in 2014, the other two books, Before the Dawn and Thicker than Water, in subsequent years.

I followed these books with the Ross Duology: Parallel Lies and Loving Vengeance. If you have read all my books (and thank you if you have!) you might have spotted a mention of a character from the Grayson Trilogy in those last two. It was fun adding in that link there.

With this new series I’ve gone a step further.

Most of the characters in the Grayson Trilogy live on the Melton Estate, home of Lord and Lady Cavendish, otherwise known as Cavendish and Grace. And as the A Shade Darker series is based in the village of Melton that adjoins the estate it seems perfectly reasonable for characters from the estate to make an appearance in the village.

I decided this was going to happen and my next thought was that I wished I had made detailed character notes when I was writing my previous books. But I didn’t, because I am far too impatient to do something so sensible and considered.

So, there has been a certain amount of flicking through previous books and trawling my desperately poor memory but actually, once I got into the writing, my lovely old characters just naturally came back to me, and I enjoyed their appearances. It was also wonderful to see that their lives had naturally moved on.

I should add that these old characters don’t take up much room in the new books so far but will hopefully bring back some nice reminders for those that have read my older work.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t already read the Grayson Trilogy. You might not understand the characters that do appear from it quite so well, but you don’t need to have read those books to work out what’s going on in these ones.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revisiting old characters for this new series, and it’s brought back wonderful memories. I find myself smiling even as I write this and I do hope if you decide to read these books, you’ll enjoy meeting them too.


The Shape of Revenge eBook is now available to pre-order. The publication date is 1 February 2023.


Book Description


His secret’s revealed… Her revenge is silent…


A woman wronged. Her husband a cheat. Can she get her revenge without him realising he’s being punished?


Sharon Beesley, owner of Sharon’s Stores, discovers by chance the secret life her husband Eric is living, and once she begins to take her revenge, she finds she’s unable to stop.


Meanwhile, their schoolgirl daughter Daisy follows the tempting trail of breadcrumbs left by a much older man. But when they meet, all is not what it seems. And no one knows where she is.


With Daisy in trouble and her parents distracted by their own problems, everyone is surprised when help comes from an unlikely place. As does retribution…


Shape of Revenge is a gripping domestic thriller. If you like character-driven action, suspenseful storytelling and unexpected twists then you’ll love this exciting novel.



If this looks like something you might like to read, you can find the eBook at your favourite bookshop HERE. Or click on the book cover.


There will be a paperback and hardback available too, but I can’t put those on pre-order, so they are set up and ready to go, I just need to hit the publish button nearer to 1 February 2023.

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  1. I love that you have included characters from earlier books in this series. That always makes it interesting.


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