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It’s been a weird time, these last twelve weeks or so. We’re still in lockdown, apparently, but the lid is gradually being lifted on some of the restrictions and the more concerned among the population wait, somewhat apprehensively, hoping there will be no repercussions.

In this post I am in no way making light of the situation we have found ourselves, there are, after all, no upsides to a killer pandemic and my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones, or those whose health has been badly affected, and of course I’m in awe of everyone in the NHS and who work as carers, as well as all keyworkers who have been keeping our country going.

For me, however, there have been some perks of lockdown, although I’ll admit it’s taken me this long to manage to come up with ten… some are more serious than others and they’re in no particular order:


  1. I’m all for comfort; stretchy jeans, flat shoes, Hell, I’ll even go so far as an elasticated waistband. So, being able to discard my bra much earlier in the day than usual has certainly been a perk for me. Once any chance of seeing another person has gone (basically after my dog walk) off it comes. What a relief!


  1. I can cook with more garlic… no one (other than the one other person in my household) is ever going to be close enough to be offended. Tasty bonus.


  1. The number of calls telling me I’ve been in an accident, my computer has been sending error messages, that I need life insurance or my loft lagging, is way, way down. To zero. I usually get 6 to 8 cold calls a day. I ignore them but they still happen.


  1. I’ve found I really am an introvert. It’s official.


  1. Shops and supermarkets have done a terrific job at feeding the nation and I know they’ve struggled to keep enough stock on the shelves, but I have to say on the few times I’ve had to shop the lack of choice has come as something of a welcome relief. Only one or two different types of pasta, tinned tomatoes, fruit? No problem, decision made.


  1. I have revelled in the silence. I live within a mile of the A14 and you don’t realise how the hum from that fills the background of every minute of every day. This Spring has been so unbelievably quiet. A one off (hopefully). But with no sound coming from the sky or road traffic the countryside has been filled with birdsong. It’s always been there but it’s never been more noticeable. That first sunny weekend when the population were allowed to venture out further meant the assault on the ears from the motorbikes passing through was quite shocking. It’s amazing how you can get used to changes in a relatively short period of time.


  1. I’m fortunate to live in an area where air pollution is minimal but I’ve loved seeing those photos taken of cities before and during lockdown. To see the difference to the air quality after such a short period of time is truly inspiring and I’ve heard recently that BP won’t be opening up the oil fields they were expecting to because they suspect the world will be turning to greener fuels at a much increased pace than was previously thought. This can only be a good thing.


  1. I am not good at keeping up with the housework and a particular anxiety of mine is someone popping in when the place is a mess. It therefore comes as something of a relief that nowadays no one is about to call round unannounced. Ironically, the house has never been cleaner.


  1. Football. Or rather the lack of it, together with all other sport. In this house this has meant a great many long-standing jobs have been completed along with a decent amount of house maintenance and fresh paint. This has been much appreciated but with football now back on the television I’ll, ahem, leave this one there…


  1. I’m enjoying the slower pace of life. I have been fortunate (as has my other half) that we’ve both been able to carry on working, at least so far. I did have a few hairy weeks which, along with the initial shock of all that was happening, took some getting through, but since then life has been much quieter. And I rather like it. It’s given me a bit of headspace. I suppose I would usually get some of that on holiday, which is where I should be at the moment, but with that cancelled I’ve turned off a lot of the outside noise in my life to try and free my creative brain. I hope it might be working so watch this space.


So there it is, the ten-point list, and I even managed not to include how much I’ve enjoyed it becoming entirely acceptable to start drinking much earlier in the day than in the old normal.

And I’m adding a special number 11, because I got to go on an outing this week. An actual outing. I went to West Lodge Rural Centre near Desborough with my daughter and grandson. A freedom once taken very much for granted was hugely enjoyed and appreciated by all.

How about you? Have you found any perks of being in lockdown?

Thanks for reading.


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16 Responses to Ten Perks (for me) of #Lockdown #MondayBlogs
  1. Thanks Georgia for sharing such a refreshing post. Your 10/11 point list just sounds like me especially the bra/bra less.
    I have quite enjoyed the solitude during the day but company of my brother in the evening.
    The other day I was chatting with a friend and we both had decided to continue our shopping routine after lockdown. My friends daughter orders her weekly shop online and I visit the local supermarket twice weekly with a Morrison’s supermarket meat box & fish box delivery as a supplement. As I live within walking distance of town, a morning costa, Shop & library visit seemed to be my previous ‘boring’ routine.
    On the other hand I seemed to have fitted too much into the rest of my days. Lockdown has made me realise the importance of stepping back.
    Take care and thank you for sharing your post. ‍♀️

    • Thanks for your comment, Margaret. Changes in shopping habits is a good one and you make an excellent point there. I have no shops I can walk to so I’ve always had a weekly delivery. However during lockdown I’ve only managed to get a delivery every 3 weeks so that’s now always a big one and I top up locally. From others I’ve spoken to a lot have changed to small, more local, suppliers so I hope everyone will continue to support those like they say they will. Stepping back and re-evaluating our lives is so important. X

  2. I am enjoying the slower pace of life, the quieter times and discovering new places that we can go walking to.

    • Absolutely, Rosie, and I agree on the walking. I think so many people are discovering, for the first time, all that they have around them, whether in a city or the countryside.

  3. I enjoyed the quiet very much, less traffic and people, although everywhere seems much busier now as things start to get back to normal. It’s made us consider moving to a quieter, less populated area.

    • I can understand that feeling, Cathy. But you might just be experiencing what I did when the motorbikes started coming through again. We’re on a popular motorcycle route so they’ve always come through, as soon as the sun is out, but it’s only been this year, after the silence, that I found it so offensive.

  4. Agree on all counts, tho’ I’d never considered the garlic one until now. Life has become slower, and that can be a good thing. 2020, the year no one went anywhere, and we all learned how to wash our hands…

  5. Um… yes, about that silence. I think the Hub and I have NEVER, in all our almost-40 years together, spent so much time in each other’s company. You have to understand–with our careers, we often didn’t live in the same state. Sometimes not in the same country. So this enforced 24/7 togetherness? When someone who spent the day safely tucked away on campus with captive students who actually paid to listen to him now wants to share all that wisdom with me? Someone who follows me around the house opining on M3, the money supply, and his latest theorem? Phrases like “If you go first, I’m taking your good pillow” are not unheard of. Hypothetical speculation regarding digging of six-foot long garden beds—deep ones—are often followed by reminders that “It has to look like an accident for life insurance to pay out…”

    Let’s just say my lockdown hasn’t been quite as peaceful as yours!

    • Ahh, yes… I think we have been lucky this end as we have both been able to carry on working, and while I’ve always done that at home, my BH has to leave the house, I’m sure to his massive relief! Lockdown has certainly put a lot of pressure on a lot of relationships and I do feel for all those who’ve found themselves in an unexpectedly intense situation. Weird isn’t it how you can be with someone forever and yet this situation still has its challenges!!

  6. What a lovely positive post, Georgia. Like you I work from home but I actually found it much noisier as I work in the back of the house and all of the neighbours have been in their gardens doing very noisy jobs. I was so glad when most of them went back to work but am still waiting for the kids to go back to school. I think I’ve become a bit of a grump in my old age but it does make it difficult to concentrate when there is so much noise going on. 🙂

    • You make a very good point there, Heather. I hadn’t thought about the level of noise when you’re trying to write. Have you got some of those noise cancelling headphones? I have some and they’re great at blocking out the main stuff. That sort of noise hasn’t bothered me that much as I haven’t been writing but I sympathise. I hope your peace returns soon. 😀

  7. I have worked from home for decades, and still do my writing at home. You managed to stay upbeat with the perks of this lockdown. I’ve started getting out and about for short errands (with a mask) but they have to be short since that mask & I don’t get along all that well. Hubs also “works” from home…he’s an amateur wine maker, so there’s never a question of whether it’s too early in the day to drink, at least not for him. I’ve found having a glass blows the rest of my day.

    I’ll add another perk to yours. It seems that people in stores and other places I’ve been are nicer, kinder. I can’t say whether that’s because we all have this “we’re in this together” mentality or there’s some other reason. Regardless, it’s something I’ve noticed that I hope stays.

    • You are so right, Jeanne. People have been kinder. I’ve certainly tried to be so too, especially with all the queuing we have to do nowadays. Gone are the days when you could ‘pop’ anywhere, but with patience being a virtue and all that I am trying to practice patience when I’m out and about and generally trying to be nice to people. This morning I lost my mask somewhere between my car and the shop and was scrabbling through my bag trying to find it, only to discover, once I’d shopped without it, I’d dropped it right by my car! At least I have it for next time, although I’m not a fan of them.

  8. I wrote a post in May titled: Ten Perks (For Me) During This Pandemic. I did a double-take when I saw your post in my email! So, yes, I’ve found some perks. 😉 I like your #8 and #10.


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