I can’t re-blog onto my blog so I’ve tried to do sharing posts when I, or my books, have appeared on the blogs of other wonderful bloggers out there.

Sometime in the Autumn I lost my way on this for various reasons so there will be a catch up soon. However this one is time sensitive because the end of the time of the Capricorns is nigh!!

As you will see, if you read the post this links to, I am right on the cusp of being a Capricorn and this year am hurtling towards a significant birthday. Us goats are not exactly party animals at the best of times and I can’t say I’m much in the mood for celebrations swamped as I am with the whole menopausal stuff going on as well as PMS (I mean, really??) and therefore feeling much like the meat in a hormonal sandwich. I realise this is far too much information but I’m in a sharing frame of mind, lucky you! Anyway I’m off to relax for a couple of quiet days in the glorious north of this wonderful country of ours – my idea of a good time 🙂

I was delighted to be asked to take part in The Z Files on Terry Tyler’s blog (thank you again!) and if you haven’t already then you can see what I make of being a Capricorn right here…

The Z Files – Terry Tyler – Capricorn

Such fun!

Surfing Goat



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