I chose to read this book as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team and received a copy from the author, but this doesn’t change my review in any way.

I took Cauliflowers Through the Catflap on holiday with me and read it in one day. Cassandra Campbell-Kemp is a 65-year-old single woman who has mobility issues and was definitely in the high-risk category health wise when C-19 struck. Campbell-Kemp is also fiercely independent, unconventional, delightfully eccentric and clairvoyant. Being so meant she had two prescient nightmares at the end of 2019 and when their content stuck with her, she realised she had ‘foreseen’ something of what was coming.

And so, she began to prepare.

I found all the detail about her research and subsequent purchases fascinating as she became, to me anyway, the ultimate prepper. The amount of stuff she bought was amazing.

I liked Cassandra, a lot. She is clearly popular as she connects with others online and has huge support from her wonderful friend, Andy. I think we’d get on as she reminds me of my step-grandmother who is similar in nature, although just turned 90.

I found myself slightly envious of the opportunity Cassandra was afforded by lockdown when I was frantically preparing what I could while still working and dealing with the grim task of writing resilience and contingency plans for all my clients in the event of my death. At the time I envied those furloughed and with nothing else to do but work out to Joe Wickes, make banana bread and watch endless box sets.

Cassandra did have one companion throughout, her super cat, Felix. And what a wonderful friend he was, and is, to her. She is also a woman to be much admired. And not just for her ability to speak several languages. Her can-do attitude, adventurous nature and problem-solving abilities have meant that she has done a terrific job of protecting herself and staying alive mostly because she couldn’t bear for Felix to be frightened and alone if she died. A woman after my own heart indeed.

Cassandra also happens to be eloquent in her writing. This book is an engaging read about one woman’s life through the lockdowns and her discoveries about herself and those around her. Highly recommended.

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