I think most of us can agree that the last six months have not been the easiest. Some might even suggest that is an understatement but this book of poetry has been written over the same six months and is remarkably upbeat and perky in tone. I found it a wonderfully refreshing read, even though it covers all the stuff we’ve all been dealing with. I guess this is why Emily Halfpenny is becoming known as the personal development poet. I like it, and I don’t generally read poetry.

I was going to pick out my favourites but actually as I flip through the pages as I write this there are too many. I like that most are short and uncomplicated – just what I need at the moment. Although actually there is one called ‘Only Ten Minutes’ which just caught my eye and I can really relate to. How many times have I said, oh I can’t start that now I’ve only got ten minutes. Actually it’s amazing the jobs you can fit in in that time, or the poems you can read, like these ones. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something uplifting and fun.

In this poet’s words…

Read, Enjoy, Live, Write!

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  1. I think we all need upbeat at the moment.


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