In the second part of this series we really get embedded with the inhabitants of Innishmahon and I love the characters Vaughan builds. My favourite, Miss Macready. Marianne has become part of the community and Vaughan has a brilliant way of writing so you can hear the Irish lilt as it’s spoken around her without it ever being overdone.

Following a turbulent love affair with Ryan Marianne is left heartbroken when he leaves to return to his glamourous life as a film star. He eventually comes back, along with his baby son, and expects to pick up his life with Marianne but she is less than welcoming. Ryan’s friend Dermot also arrives on the island and brings trouble as well as other possibilities for Marianne.

This is such a warm and captivating story of love, lost and found, in so many different ways and I encourage everyone who enjoys a good tale, told well, to embark upon this series.

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  1. Thank you so much for once again featuring one of my books on your fabulous blog, Georgia.

    Change of Heart was not the easiest to write … well, I thought it was until my mentor, the late great June Tate read it – still in draft form – and made some pretty blunt observations. 🙂

    A wise, talented and far more experienced author, thankfully.

    Now it’s one of my faves! X


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