This is the second of this series of Amanda adventures that I have read, the first was set in Malta and you can read my review HERE.

Paris is a city I love so after enjoying Amanda’s adventures in Malta so much I was keen to read the latest in Foster’s super adventure series aimed at 9–12-year-olds. Amanda had been invited on holiday with her friend Leah and Leah’s Aunt Jenny. They stay in a fabulous bookstore called Shakespeare and Company in exchange for a couple of hours work in the shop each day. Although Amanda is considerably more positive about this part of the trip than Leah.

It’s not long before Amanda and Leah are making friends but Amanda also has suspicions about a man that keeps appearing wherever they are. Then following a bomb threat at the Paris Opera House and a fire at Notre Dame further suspicions are raised and Amanda is no longer sure who to trust.

I enjoyed the storyline and once again, I was not to be disappointed with the attention to detail given to the setting. This author really does do her homework and I was delighted to relive such treats as seeing the magnificent stained-glass domed ceiling in Galeries Lafayette as well as learning how Sacre Coeur remains so white. However, while it’s easy to overload a story with information it shows the skill of this author that none of this is overdone but simply dripped into the storyline along the way so as well as learning something new it adds a layer of authenticity to the prose.

I highly recommend Amanda in France to all young readers with a thirst for travel and a love of adventure.

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  1. Lovely review! I also enjoyed this book and all of Amanda’s adventures.

  2. Making its way to the top of the TBR list -your review has shuffled Darlene’s book along a little quicker!! Thanks, Georgia Rose.

  3. Thank you so much for this well-thought-out review of Amanda’s adventure in France. I am over the moon happy that you enjoyed it, Georgia.

  4. Hi Georgia, I also thoroughly enjoyed this Amanda book and I learned a lot about Paris.

  5. Great review Georgia for a great writer. Love her series and as I’m always telling Darlene, can’t wait for our granddaughter to get into the series (she just turned 6).

  6. A super review for Amanda in Paris, Georgia Rose. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I, too, greatly enjoyed Amanda’s Paris adventure!

  8. Great Review! I loved this one too!


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