Along with my love of horses I have a passion for Westerns having been brought up on a healthy diet of them and as all my first crushes were (apart from Elvis) cowboy based I daresay I had something of a romantic view of them. When I grew up, I realised how hard the life was but that never stopped me pining for the wide-open spaces, a trusty steed and one of those cool hats. Mine would have been black.

Anyway, An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy is a book I’ve had on my kindle for years and it was an absolute delight to finally get to it.

Set in the American West in 1867, Annie Haddon, a well-bred bookish spinster, is travelling with what remains of her family, the domineering Aunt Bea and her spiteful cousin, Charlotte. There is a stagecoach wreck and Annie is left for dead by her caring family who are more interested in saving themselves. Fortunately for Annie, a cowboy by the name of Colt McCall comes by and saves her.

Annie is English and comes from the buttoned-up Victoria era. Colt lives by his own rules and hates the English. Yet somehow, they must get along over the vast distances they have to travel to get Annie back to her family.

And what awaits her? Marriage to possibly one of the most hideously described suitors ever. But it’s the best thing for her, so her aunt insists.

This was the most delightful book to read, and I relished every page, every description, every beautifully turned sentence. The descriptions were so vivid you could feel the heat, the dust. The characters so wonderfully rounded you could almost be Annie in among them. And the dialogue? Pitch perfect, the humour as dry as the dust blowing across from the prairie.

Despite the fact I felt like slapping Annie at times, so low was her self-esteem, I loved this book and highly recommend it to all who like good storytelling and maybe once upon a time had a hankering for the cowboy way of life.

Jane Austen meets Zane Grey indeed.

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  1. This was such a favourite of mine too! It was almost impossible to believe it was written by a British author who has never lived in the places she described so well.

  2. Thanks for this review and the reminder! I read and lovedThe Twenties Girl the Ghost abd All That Jazz, some years ago, and I’ve also had The Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy on my kindle for ages! So I definitely need to read it, because I’m sure I’ll love it, roo!

  3. This one sounds great! Elvis was the perfect cowboy in Love Me Tender.

  4. This is such a wonderful book. I am tempted to read it all over again!

  5. Thanks for reminding me of how fabulous this book is Georgia and the wonderful writing of June Kearns. Just superb. I have read it twice, and now it’s back on my list. Good work!

  6. Along with everyone else, I loved this book (and I completely agree with Darlene) I also enjoyed June’s other book – The 20s Girl, The Ghost and All That Jazz.

  7. Good morning Georgia Rose, how lovely to find June’s debut novel featured on your blog today.Her hero, Colt, is everything a lover of romance could ask for. I feel a sequel is well overdue. No pressure June, natch.

  8. Thank you Georgia, for the absolutely wonderful review!!
    I’m so happy that you enjoyed the read!


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