I chose to read Birds Don’t Cry as a proud member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team and I received a copy of the book from the author.

I have read one of Sandy Day’s novels before and jumped at the chance to do so again. They are quite leisurely paced but the settings are so atmospheric I get absorbed in them and find the story telling compelling.

Kaffy Sullivan is an older woman who lived with her grandmother and ran her inn with her until she died, and continued to do so afterwards. She has a rather creepy brother, Red, who is married to Sylvia, and it is Sylvia that Kaffy relies on so heavily for the day to day running of the inn.

When Sylvia goes missing it is Kaffy who reports it, not Red. Something Kaffy finds suspicious and, because of a spur of the moment decision she makes, disturbing memories from her childhood resurface. Hovering in the background there is another sister, Maxine, who only turns up when there is something in it for her, and in this story that is the upcoming reading of the grandmother’s will.

This is a well written family drama that explores the relationships between siblings and has, as its main character, someone who I feel it would be difficult to get close to but is easy to empathise with, and ultimately, is the one you root for.

Highly recommended for all those who enjoy well-written story telling.


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I previously read Head on Backwards, Chest Full of Sand by Sandy Day and you can read that review HERE.

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  1. I just finished it as well. loved it. I read also Sandy’s book Fred’s Funeral. Nice read as well.


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