I read the paperback of this book, a gift from a friend a while ago now. It’s been waiting on a pile for me to get to it and I’m so pleased I did.

Amy Blue is a diazepam-fogged young woman struggling with life as she exists in a grotty flat in Balmoral Street, which is nowhere near as grand as it sounds. A young man, Jay, starts to visit and begins to guide her towards improving her life.

Under his advice she leaves the city and ends up on a Welsh eco farm. It is here that she starts to heal and rebuild her life. Finding a family that accepts her at last Amy is happy until Jay appears again urging her to investigate and solve a wrongful death.

The mystery part of this novel only really happens towards the end but that didn’t prevent the pages from turning to get to it. Stevens has created wonderful characters in this story and Amy is the most compelling. The mistakes she’s made in the past, the way she’s been used, and abused, are fully explored here and her thoughts and reactions to what happened and happens to her so honest and real it makes this a terrific read.

The writing is excellent to and flows so well you want to keep coming back time and again to sink back into the story. A super debut novel and I hope there will be more from this author.

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  1. That’s a great review, Georgia. x


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