It is a lovely thing to return to a book setting that you enjoyed so I was delighted to see that the third book in this series had been published. In a change to the last book, Villainy at the Village Store, where the body turned up very early in the story, in Calamity at Coombesford Church there is no murder until quite late on. I really enjoyed this as it showed a story being naturally told rather than a formula being followed.

There was still plenty going on as Isabella Street is putting together a production of The Hero’s Return which involves many of the residents of the village. There is therefore a large number of characters who could be either victim or murderer because, of course, we know a death is coming. I like the fact Charlie Jones, Annie McLeod and Rohan Banerjee are back on the case, and this time they have an addition to their crime solving group to make them the Gang of Four.

As always, the writing is spot on and the plot pacy so it comes highly recommended.

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I reviewed Murder at Mountjoy Manor HERE and Villainy at the Village Store HERE.

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