Sometimes, by which I mean often, I buy books and they disappear into the bowels of my kindle never to be seen again. I have hundreds on there waiting to be chosen. I set out with every good intention to read the new purchase but, distracted by something I have to read for a review team or suchlike, I forget to get back to my latest must-read. If I’m lucky, I get a reminder of it and often years later I finally get round to reading it. This is exactly what happened with this book. And I’m so glad I found it again.

This tale is told by Dan who has moved back home from London and spends a lot of his time in pubs, mostly The Red Lion. He has various friends who he interacts with and a dad who, over the course of the book… well, I won’t give any spoilers.

You may think using a pub as a setting might not be that interesting, but you would be wrong. It is endlessly fascinating. For me, it is the observation that is key. The pub etiquette. The characters and the relationships between them. Spotting the alcoholic. Avoiding the pub bore. Approaching someone you’re attracted to. Possibly listening in on conversations. All good stuff.

Because it’s so well written, the pages of Collapse of the Wave keep turning and I couldn’t wait to get back to the story each day. There is a lot of humour among those pages, along with much reflection, sadness and some tough stuff Dan has to deal with.

Highly recommended to all those who enjoy good writing and an entertaining tale.

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  1. Thank you so much for that review. Much appreciated and I am glad you enjoyed it. The audiobook version will be out later this year too!

    • You’re welcome. I look forward to reading the next one, which is also already lurking on my kindle. Well done on the audiobook too. Are you narrating it yourself?

  2. Cheers, just downloaded on KU!


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