I chose to read this book as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team and received a copy from the author but that does not alter my review in anyway.

It takes a certain dedication, and discipline, to commit to writing a 101-word story every day for several years but this is exactly what Scotty Cornfield has done. He works from a prompt, which in this book he puts at the end of each story.

As I’ve attempted to write flash fiction, I know how difficult it can be so I am in admiration of Cornfield’s output and his ability to come up with as many and varied stories as he does. Some of the prompts were straight-forward, some were words I’d never heard before.

These are interesting and entertaining tales for anyone but if you have concentration issues or little time to indulge in reading then they are ideal as you can read a complete story in a minute. You can then leave it there or if you’re like me be unable to stop turning the pages to see what comes next.

There were obviously some stories I preferred over others but on the whole, this is a solid collection of entertainment which I recommend to anyone who enjoys fast fiction.

What I also liked is that you can contact him with your own prompt and get a credit when he writes it. Nice touch.


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