I grew up on a book diet of Enid Blyton and loved the Famous Five. I received this book as a gift and in it the five are all grown up so this is Blyton for adults. Having said that it is still a gentle read but the group drink and swear a little – things have moved on. I found it a fun read, the humour is dry, and the prose dotted with the traditional illustrations those familiar with the Blyton books will know and love.

If you read the Famous Five stories then you will know the part each of the characters, Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog, plays in the group. In this book Dick goes against type and disagrees with the others when they discuss going on holiday together. From this minor rebellion the decision is made that they are each going to go on holiday with other people this year.

I think my favourite chapter comes next – Dick Books a Holiday – Haha! I could sympathise with his struggles. Anyway, things happen, a holiday is eventually booked (although not the one he intended!) and that’s where the beach body ready bit comes in.

I won’t say more other than the fact there is a surprise, and not entirely welcome, appearance by the Secret Seven. A lovely nostalgic read though be warned the Five don’t get up to their old shenanigans of thwarting criminals and solving crimes.

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