The start of this story finds unemployed Lyra Leyton living in Spain and at the end of an ill-fated romance with a married man. Her friend, Diane, pushes her to apply for a job as a tutor and nanny to teach English to a ten-year-old bilingual Spanish girl at Rosewood Hall, Yorkshire. Following an interview via Skype with Mrs Parish, the housekeeper, Lyra is taken on to teach Carla and is soon living at Rosewood Hall.

The start of this novel actually reminded me of a film I saw recently about a similar story in a gothic manor house but fortunately for this book the storyline took a very different turn. Still, when Lyra first moves to isolated Rosewood Hall, she is spooked by the noises she hears in the house, and particularly from the attic.

However, she forms a good relationship with Carla and it is only when she is severely pushed that she considers leaving. Up to this point the situation Lyra is in is chilling indeed, especially as there are chapters told from another point of view. From someone trapped in the attic.

Enter Marcus Kent, Carla’s father, and for me, the story warmed from this point on, although not completely, and Lyra quickly finds herself out of her depth with her growing feelings towards him.

I don’t want to give too much away suffice to say there is much going on with a private detective searching for a woman who has gone missing while working at the hall and mysterious notes left by someone Lyra believes to be dead.

As I read this story I was fascinated to see how Marcus was going to get out of the sticky situation he had got himself into, and to Lyra’s satisfaction. Meanwhile, Lyra has an entirely different situation to deal with, one which takes her away from the hall and potentially her happy future.

Highly recommended, I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense which has plenty of twists and turns along the way.

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  1. Great review. Sounds like a terrific read.

  2. I love Romantic Suspense and this sounds a superb example – thank Georgia. X

  3. Great review, Georgia. I have this book on my list and you’ve just reminded me to push it up.

  4. Thank you so much for a terrific review, Georgia! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it!


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