This book is set in the Greek town of Orestiada and the Goddess of the Rainbow is Iris, a DHL courier who is therefore also a messenger (although not of the Gods, unlike her namesake). This was an unusual read as the book is broken up into a series of short stories, really more like character studies, which all eventually came together, but it works very well.

After relentless rain the town is facing a flood and this affects the characters in these stories in different ways. I did like the mayor’s idea of bussing in Russian women to provide the possibility of wives for some of the bachelors in the town, the ghastly estate agent and his wife and the Greek Orthodox priest who is struggling with the loss of his faith. But there are many more characters and their storylines to enjoy along the way and they all interweave with each other.

Brigham’s knowledge of the area is clear, his writing is confident and tight and he shows real skill in managing to keep all these threads going through this work. Good job!

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