I was so envious of Maisie when I read this wonderful story. Moving back home after university she had the chance, and challenge, to start up a smallholding and as a huge fan of The Good Life I can’t imagine any better way of life.

How to Breed Sheep, Geese and English Eccentrics is filled with terrific characters, such as Ma, Mags, Ralph, Alan and of course, Alistair, but not all of them are in human form. Take Emily the sheep as just one example.

Although Maisie’s boyfriend, Simon, moves in with her his input is rather half-hearted to begin with, mainly because he knows even less than she does about the venture she has undertaken and I originally thought he was a bit of a sponge but he eventually redeemed himself, many times over.

Fortunately, Maisie has a friend in the form of country girl, Jeannie, who sets her on the right track and soon her ambitions start to be realised, until trouble comes knocking. Has Maisie built up enough of a business to save the day? And will she manage to survive by seeking help from an unexpected source? You’ll just have to read it to find out. Beautifully written this was a wonderful tale of escapism for me and I highly recommend it.

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