I chose to read the ARC of If She Wakes as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team and received a copy from the author. This does not alter my review in any way.

I didn’t realise when I chose this book that it was a sequel. I wouldn’t usually read the second book without reading the first, but found this one works as a standalone story.

However, here is a lot of information given in the prologue and chapter one to bring the reader up to speed. For me this level of exposition slowed down the opening. I probably didn’t take in the detail as well as I should have done as I prefer it drip fed; pertinent details given at relevant points in the story. Once past that though the story flowed.

Tess is in a car accident with her sister-in-law, Torrie, who ends up in a coma, but not before saying a few things that make little sense to Tess. Tess and her husband, Josh, take in Levi, Torrie’s son, which brings its own emotional difficulties as they lost their child in book one.

A woman turns up claiming to be Torrie’s sister and before long another sister arrives which is confusing as Torrie had told Tess and Josh she had no family. The other problem is that they both want Levi.

This is a perfectly well told story but lacks a little of the suspense element that makes a book a real page-turner for me. I think maybe it was just over wordy in places which slowed the pace. However, I did like the way it ended. There is no cliff-hanger here but there is an epilogue which leads very well into the next in the series. Recommended, but I’d start with book 1.

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  1. Sounds interesting! A good review. I also just read a second in the series book (I’d read the first) which spent too much time bringing the reader up to speed at the beginning. It does slow the story down. I agree, it should be dropped in a bit at a time.

    • Thanks, Darlene. Yes, it does take longer to get into the story but I understand why aurora do it, and there will, of course, by other readers who don’t mind it and like to know what has come before.

  2. Think I’ll go fro the first of the series… well, first. But a good review, Georgia, you’ve tempted me to seek out the series. Thanks.

  3. I agree re the exposition – a book should either be a stand alone or part of a continuing story, in my opinion – you can’t turn it into a stand-alone by the use of info-heavy dialogue in the first chapters!

    • Agreed, T. Although, I had another thought that perhaps this is also done to remind those, like me, that might not immediately start book 2 after finishing book 1 and it gives the forgetful a handy reminder…


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