I chose to read Jenks as a member of Rosie Ambers Book Review Team and had already bought a copy of it when it popped up on the list.

You know that feeling you get when you open a new book, not knowing what to expect, and you read the first few lines and know you’re in for a terrific ride? That is exactly the feeling I got when I reached the end of the first paragraph of Jenks. A smile already on my face.

Jenks is a killer for hire. He has a profile on the dark web and carries out assignments for an unknown organisation called The Department, which is so undercover it isn’t linked to any legitimate agency. This makes everything deniable.

With his home life in the gentle seaside town of Whitstable, his on-going house renovation and pastime of birdwatching, Jenks is incredibly likeable. From his turquoise eyes and sense of humour to his casual flirtation with a local waitress that he knows can’t go anywhere you know he’s a decent man and are affected when he is jolted back to the life he gave up to be the necessity he’s described as.

Jenks naturally has a special skillset that he’s extremely accomplished at and there is graphic violence in this book.

Although this type of character and the activity he undertakes is not particularly new, think James Bond, Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne, I found this story and Jenks refreshing. The writing is very good and flowed well. There is a lot of detail about how things happened or worked but I didn’t mind that at all. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this new hero, I hope there is a sequel on the way and I highly recommend Jenks to everyone who likes a thrilling tale.


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