I wouldn’t usually choose fantasy to read, but, luckily for me, I didn’t know this was fantasy when I bought the book, which just goes to show you should always tread outside your comfort zone. I did know it was adventure though, and I do like an adventure.

I have to say I was a little dubious during the prologue as I wasn’t quite sure what was going on with Michael Farren but then neither did Sienna Farren, his granddaughter, who turned out to be the main character in this story. Stick with it because once we meet her in chapter 1 I was on safer ground and enjoyed finding out about her true gifts, as indeed she did, sort of.

I liked the fact the story is set in a real place, Bath, as I felt that grounded everything when the story dipped into, and then fully submerged, in the darkness of the Borderlands, a shadowy parallel world.

This story is wonderfully visceral, and in places, sickening. It is true escapism to another world, one far darker than our own, where the borders are held precariously in place by the magic of a few. The other characters were well-rounded too – Bridget, Mila, Perry, Xander and Finn. The fact I can name them from memory tells me that.

For me, Map of Shadows showed terrific imagination, it had a good pace throughout and brilliantly descriptive writing. It is the start of a series and while it is a complete story itself with no horrendous cliff hanger you can tell there is so much more to come. Sienna finding her true path after being so lost in her previous life, and the passion of a love, torn apart. This is a rollicking good read; I highly recommend it.


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