I don’t read poetry much; I keep saying that yet keep getting drawn to it. As with this book, Party Glass, which I chose to read from the submissions made to Rosie Ambers Book Review Team. I received a copy from the author but that doesn’t change my review in any way.

I read this short book in one sitting, hooked from the wonderful line “smothering tongues with nostalgia” in elastic days along with “whisper of ferns kissing ankles”. This author conjures up wonderful images and feelings in their words, along with beautiful settings so real you can feel the sand, the heat, the freedom as in beach burnt.

Along with the two mentioned above my other favourites were London Boy, Not Entirely Blonde, Caitlyn and still brimming. Highly recommended for all poetry lovers out there, or even those who simply like to dip in and out now and again.

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