I read Productivity for Writers after listening to a podcast recently. I have been writing for some years now so much of the information in the book I’ve heard/read before, here and there, however it never hurts to both, have this book as a reminder, and to have all the information in one place. I also think this book would be even more useful for someone new to the writing world who might be struggling with how to make it all work.

There’s a chapter about Toxic Friends and another on Negativity, which is something we all have to face, and I was particularly interested in another called Multitasking is NOT Your Friend, which is my particular weakness. I also really liked the chapters at the end which gave information on Writing Programs, Progress and Goal Trackers, Note Taking and Organisational Tools and Grammar and Language Checkers, as well as useful books and blogs, some of which I will certainly be checking out.

If you’re a writer and need some guidance on how to fit in getting the words down when you’re juggling many other aspects of life, then this book might be just what you need.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of this book. I’ll be checking it out.


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