I receive requests to review books periodically and usually my standard answer is that I don’t accept books to review (because I don’t) I simply review the books that I read (which I do). However, on this occasion I made an exception, because the blurb made me laugh, and if that does, well you’ve got to hope the rest of the book will too.

Meet Alexio Fairfax, Internet gazillionaire, who’s willing to share his 102 Patented Success Secrets with you in his 24-hour challenge on his world-famous blog! His main problem is that his dolphin has disappeared, but worry not as he has a band of oddball bloggers to help him out.

This is a very well written, funny parody of those self-help books that claim to fix everything that’s apparently wrong in your life. Alexio calls in help from some dubious bloggers including shamelessly ripping off the work of one. I loved the tweets, dodgy tips and the comments, particularly those from TreyTheTroll.

I rarely laugh at books that claim to be funny but did with this one which must say something, if only about my sense of humour! Recommended to all who like to be entertained and aren’t expecting this to be a proper self-help book. For Real!

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2 Responses to #TuesdayBookBlog #Bookreview for Rich, Skinny, and Super Spiritual: Transform your Entire Life in just 24 Hours. For Real!!! by Bill Alive #selfhelp #parody – do not try any of this at home!
  1. This looks like good fun – I do like a clever parody. Too many are a bit naff, but I trust your opinion on this!!


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