I was reminded recently of a gathering I attended in Leicester where I met Lizzie Lamb and she gave me a paperback copy of her novel, Scotch on the Rocks. I was shocked to discover that was four years ago and yet this book was still waiting to be read. I have now put that situation right and here are my thoughts on Scotch on the Rocks.

The story starts with Ishabel Stuart racing to beat the tide as she powers across to Eilean na Sgairbh (Cormorant Island) before the causeway is flooded and the island cut off. Desperate to reach the sanctuary of her childhood home with Aunt Esme after leaving her job, and a fiancé she caught with his trousers down, as well as having to deal with the death of her father, Issy is disappointed to find Esme has a houseful already. Esme is about to depart on an anti-fracking protest with most of those at the cottage but one paying guest will remain, an American named Brodie.

Issy is annoyed that Esme is going, so she can’t confide her problems to her, and yet she will still not have the place to herself and therefore the peace and quiet she craves. Plus, she will have to endure Lindy, her younger cousin, coming and going as she all to obviously falls in lust with Brodie.

As Issy gets to know Brodie better she suspects he is up to something but eventually appreciates his support when she has to deal with her diva of a mother and the return of her errant fiancé.

I loved the setting for this story, a windswept island on Scotland’s west coast, and I enjoyed the characters, particularly Esme, Issy and Brodie. And the parrot, Pershing… oh yes, there is a parrot.

This is a romance, but on more than one level, because while we are reading about the budding relationship between Issy and Brodie there is something else going on and eventually the answers to all the questions Brodie brings slot into place with a most satisfying ending.

Highly recommended for all those who like a happy ever after.

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  1. I loved Scotch on the Rocks! Great setting and characters and I can’t help loving a happy ever after romance!

    • That’s great to hear, Luccia. I don’t often read this type of happy ever after but I enjoyed it ❤️

      • Hi Georgia, your review was a lovely surprise on a cold, miserable February morning. I remember fondly meeting up with Rosie Amber’s bloggers at the Belmont – was it really four years ago? I’m still writing Happy Ever After stories and am about to start on number seven, also set in Scotland. Scotch on the Rocks continues to sell even after all this time. One reader said that she thought the parrot, Pershing, stole the show. LOL.

    • Thank you Luccia. I loved writing Scotch on the Rocks and I hope that shone through as you were reading it.

  2. Oh I can only recommend this, too! It’s one of my favourites of Lizzie’s. Pershing is one amazing character as are all the others ☺️

  3. I can definitely recommend this book, too! The characters are amazing ( and Pershing is my favourite, too).

  4. I truly loved this story Georgia and totally agree it resonated on many levels and kept me gripped right to the very end. Beguiling characters, vivid scenery and wonderful romance.
    A superb author whose work is always a delight! Great review. Xxx

  5. If you enjoyed Scotch on the Rocks, Georgia – can I recommend Lizzie’s latest, Harper’s Highland Fling. The main characters are slightly more ‘mature’ than usual and it’s such a lovely read (in these stirring times)!!

  6. Lovely post and review, Georgia. I remember reading Scotch on the Rocks and having that big smile on my face that I always have when reading one of Lizzie’s fab novels. She always creates such fun, interesting settings and characters.


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