The final episode of this series is indeed full of secrets and Vaughan takes her time in revealing each and every one. The isle of Innishmahon is again at the mercy of the whims of nature and the several of the characters find themselves in the throes of romance. I like the fact Vaughan doesn’t hold back on the details, when they are warranted too.

There’s a wonderful fundraising Ball that involves the whole community, a blast from the past and a hair-raising moment or two to that keeps the action going. Plus, of course Sean Grogan… well, every community has one of those.

This is a wonderful series to absorb yourself in. Great writing, superb characters and a setting you’ll wish you lived in.

And may I just add in at the end here something about the covers – stunning, each and every one, although this is my favourite.

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  1. Sounds like a good read, Georgia, and I love the cover too. x


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