Springtime for Murder is one of seven books in this cosy mystery series. I started it thinking it was book 1 for some reason but I can confirm, having found out it wasn’t, that it can be easily read as a standalone, as, I believe, can the others in the series.

This tale starts with Bunny Carter, an elderly lady in the village of Wendlebury Barrow, being found lying in the bottom of an open grave. Sophie Sayers works in the village bookstore with her boyfriend Hector and is reluctantly sent to the scene from where she starts to investigate. There is no shortage of suspects though and the plot moves along nicely as Sophie questions everyone’s motives for being involved with Bunny and her daughter, Kitty.

There is a nice level of humour in the book, a couple of side issues for Sophie to deal with in the form of ladies she believes Hector may have his eye on and there are many cats.

Springtime for Murder was a pleasant, easy read with everything coming together in a satisfactory conclusion and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys cosy mystery’s.


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