Sometime the speed time passes shocks me and I was surprised to discover that although I bought this book in 2015 I somehow missed reading it then (it was an extraordinarily busy year!) and although it’s been on my to-be-read list I’ve only just got to it. What a treat it was though!

No Ordinary Day by Clare Stevens

This is a very well written story of a wife who has suspicions about her husband and what happens next. Excellent.

Red, Blue, Black by Beth O’Neill

A therapist starts working with a boy who intrigues her but little does she know his drawings mean more than at first appears. Well written and sinister.

The Perfect Stranger by Nina S Chung

This is all about Eveie, a young woman from Lincoln who is curious and looking for adventure. She spots a particularly attractive bike and decides to contact its owner, the old-fashioned way. Lovely story.

Yunnan Adventure by Lynne Morley

This is a wonderfully written and fascinating account of the author’s travels around an unexplored part of China and I absolutely loved reading it. The amount of detail was just right to make it interesting and absorbing – great job!

Shameless Virtue by Ambica G

This is a sad story about domestic abuse, unhappy marriages and keeping up appearances, but I very much enjoyed the delicious twist at the end which was very well done.

Can of Worms by Sarah Wilson

This is a well written and clever story that starts out being one thing and ends up being something else entirely. Craig is being watched in a cell when he is joined by Ray who starts tormenting him, the sad tale developing as the truth is revealed.

Personal Statement by Suzan Dickinson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the personal statement Becky was writing. Illuminating in places and funny in others it really was in the voice of a 6th Form College student and very good. I liked the positive outcome of the exercise too, well thought through.


There was a really enjoyable poetry section in this book too with poems written by Suzan Dickinson Lynne Morley, Sarah Wilson, Beth O’Neill and Clare Stevens.

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