The Art of Healing was a story that grew on me. It felt a little sticky and slow at the beginning and I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about it but I then found myself drawn into the relationship that eventually developed between Julianne and Jokob. And that’s what I enjoyed because both of these characters had been through a rough time, Jokob particularly (I actually thought Julianne had a lucky escape!) But it was the fact that the romance grew steadily, and dare I say it, normally. The first date, for example, just as it should be, a getting to know you exercise.

I thought the ongoing struggle for Jokob, and the inclusion of Keara to the tale was particularly well handled and the ending was terrific. I thought it was going to go one way with the possibility of Julianne losing herself again (although I don’t think Jokob would let that happen) but it didn’t and it was all the better for it. Good job!

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