Emmie Hobson, wholesome presenter of a children’s show and author of a series of bestselling children’s books, is in line for a top award at the British Recognition of Achievement Awards. Ursula Bloom, editor of In the Picture, is looking for a scoop to increase circulation, but it seems pages of coverage on how wonderful Hobson is isn’t going to cut it. Jessie, a journalist whose name Bloom can’t even get right, is sent to the awards to paint Hobson in the most unflattering light.

And so it begins. While Hobson shows some naivety as things begin to escalate soon the press and subsequent social media have her public life spiralling out of control. I won’t go into further detail; you will have to read the book for that and it is well worth it. While this is a compelling read it is also difficult to watch just how quickly and completely someone’s bubble can be burst.

Extremely well written this was such a well-plotted novella showing the utter destruction of someone’s reputation using the power of social media. Highly recommended.

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