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The Collector is probably the best book from Nora Roberts that I have read to date. Life can change in a heartbeat, that’s the tag line, and it certainly does for Lila Emerson.

Lila is pretty much perfect. I love the sound of her life. She house-sits, looking after fabulously glamorous homes with perfect pets and is a writer of YA novels, successful ones, of course. She is very personable, practical, fixing all sorts of things and she people watches, a favourite pastime of mine, but while doing so she witnesses something shocking. Through that event she meets Ashton Archer – a successful artist from a wealthy, and large, family – and comes onto the radar of a vicious and single-minded assassin. Uh oh…

I enjoyed the supporting cast too, the lovely dependable friend Julie, and Lucas, her blast from the past. This is an easy and enjoyable read filled with likeable characters as well as a couple you’d rather not come across down a dark alley.

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  1. Nora Roberts is one of my favourite authors. I don’t think I’ve read this one though.

  2. I also enjoyed the Collector very much. I listened to the audiobook version.

    • Ahh, considering I’ve managed to get my first audio book out I’m not very good at listening to them. I should try to get set up to listen to them when I dog walk. I’m pleased you enjoyed The Collector as much as I did, Luccia.


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