I chose to read this book as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team and bought a copy on its release.

Ronnie is one of those guys who throws money at every situation to make it work and keep everyone happy, or at least happy enough for now. He is also keen on practical jokes. I am not a fan. To me they are either silly or cruel so I never warmed to Ronnie and found him and his antics tiresome. His son, James, had been the subject of these jokes throughout his life and, as a consequence, was totally intimidated by his father and did little to stand up for himself. I hoped now he’d found a partner he was going to get some distance from his father but Ronnie, a controlling bully, was already planning for them to live closer together.

I liked Amanda, Ronnie’s wife, who was happy working with her horses, which were provided by Ronnie’s money and probably the reason why she put up with him. He certainly didn’t give her much respect.

The pages turned as I was keen to find out how it was all going to turn out while hoping Ronnie was going to get some pay back. I felt some of the suspense was taken out of the climactic scenes as they were interspersed with flashbacks. However, I was surprised by the outcome, it wasn’t what I was expecting so that’s always good.

3.5 upgraded to 4 stars on Amazon.

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