The Indie Author Mindset: How changing your way of thinking can transform your writing career.

I read this book recently as I felt my writing career, and I, needed a kick up the backside. Who better to turn to for advice than the hugely successful writer, Adam Croft. It wasn’t always that way though and Adam makes it clear that a lot of work and time has gone into him becoming what appears to be an overnight success – but isn’t that always that way?

This book is easy to read, is written in manageable chapters and is full of common sense and good humour. It covers the professional, visionary and business mindset needed looking at the problems you will face – encountering doubt, overwhelm and burnout – as well as the positives of how, where and when to publish.

The Indie Author Mindset talks about short v long term thinking, when to listen and when not to listen, wide v exclusive and the power of a mailing list. It also covers data, and its importance. This is an area that I have been extremely poor on in the past, barely managing to get a promotion together let alone analysing whether it was effective or not. So I found this section particularly useful and I know I will be returning to it again and again.

I think this book would be useful for writers of all levels of experience because it gives a lot of information to guide those who are starting out as well as being full of useful reminders plus new learning, of that I am sure as things change all the time, for those of us who’ve been doing this for a while. Highly recommended.

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  1. I saw this a while ago and wondered about reading it.

  2. A great review, G, which makes me want to buy this book immediately. It sounds full of really useful advice and I could definitely use a nudge in the right direction 😀


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