I chose to read The Men as a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team and because I read this fabulous review for it from Terry Tyler which you can read here. This shows perfectly how recommendation spreads the word on good books. I received a copy from the publisher but that has not altered my opinion of this book or my review in any way.

The minute I opened The Men I knew I was onto a winner. This is not a story, there is no beginning, middle and ending, although technically, of course, there is. It’s more a series of relationship studies and it is compellingly written.

I imagine the narrator to be an exotic creature, impossibly glamorous and self-aware in a way I have never managed to be. This book is intelligently written with such an eye for the minutiae of the many relationships the narrator experiences that for someone who has had a more limited knowledge of the opposite sex it was incredibly interesting.

The writing though, that was the clincher for me, I loved it. Spare, honest and extraordinarily good. There were so many beautiful lines and phrases I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it each night. Thank you Ms Calder, it has been a joy.

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  1. Thank you Georgia.


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