By my bed I have a pile of paperbacks which are the books I need to get to before those on my straining bookshelf, and this was one of them. I actually have a limited edition book proof that I picked up from a local bookshop a while back.

The eventual cover is considerably jauntier and I believe there are illustrations inside as well which my early copy does not have although there are some teasers of the characters on the back which look terrific.

I read this book in a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I’m an adult, and I shall be keeping it safe to share with my grandson in a few years. This is the story of Shylo Tawny-Tail, a scrawny little country rabbit who overhears a plot against the Queen and, via his illicit friendship with an older rabbit Horatio, sets off on an adventure to find the Royal Rabbits of London who guard the Queen and all the Royals.

The story rattles along at a good pace, the writing is excellent and I highly recommend this fun read. I see it is the first in a series too which will encourage young readers to carry on with the adventure.


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  1. This is timely, Georgia! I’m about to make my granddaughter a rag-doll rabbit for Christmas. This book would be the perfect accompaniment. Thank you!


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