There are several things you know you’re going to get when you read one of Terry Tyler’s books: a terrific story, interesting well-rounded characters and great writing. The Visitor is no exception.

It is particularly interesting to read her books now, while living through a pandemic, because they touch on things that we can recognise, even if they are not taken to the extremes they would be in a post-apocalyptic world. Global travel, pubs and restaurants, for example. Once taken for granted.

There were once four friends – Sarah, Jack, Rexy and Daisy. Sarah had inherited a cottage in the Norfolk village of Hincham from her Uncle Jerry. But it was more than just a cottage, it was a survival bunker. How exciting! Little do the group realise just how soon it will be needed.

When the pandemic strikes, as it surely does, the lucky few make their way to this safe haven and a new way of life. Treated with suspicion by the long-time residents of Hincham that suspicion is only increased when the first of the born-and-breds is murdered. And it is not the last killing.

Tyler does a great job of hiding who the murderer is and the reader is left suspecting first one character then the other as the story progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed how it all unfolded and the fallout among the various relationships. Highly recommended to all who enjoy a great story.


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