I chose to read this book as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team and received a copy from the author.

This was such an interesting and entertaining book to read and I’m glad I chose it. As a writer it is always great to read about writers writing. What makes this work, for me anyway, is the omniscient narrator who tells the story. We hear his thoughts and reflections and he breaks the fourth wall by talking to the readers. I loved his often-scathing observational humour, his characterisations and the many, many lines that dripped with sarcasm were irresistible.

I also enjoyed how the story was told, chronologically, with days broken down into times, and sometimes minutes.

Nine students are in this workshop led by tutor Alice. We get to see their individual pieces of writing – all very different – and the reactions of the other students to each writer’s work.

The action also follows these students with what they get up to outside the class and it’s a tricky job juggling the lives of so many characters.

There were plenty of US references, many of which probably passed me by as I’m British but that didn’t matter. Tight and well-written this novella length, first in a series, comes highly recommended.


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