I have thoroughly enjoyed the Alphabet Series and read the final book, Y is for Yesterday, while on holiday. Sue Grafton tells her tales in detail, building up great settings and characters, my favourite of which is Kinsey Millhone herself, followed swiftly by Henry, what a lovely man he would be to have in your life.

In this story Kinsey not only has a recurring problem in the form of Ned Lowe to deal with but is brought in to investigate a mystery, that is 10 years old. We get to see what happened, in a series of flashbacks, when four teenage boys assault a 14 year old girl, and film the attack. Kinsey is called in when the tape resurfaces when one of the boys , newly released from prison, is blackmailed.

I always enjoy the process Kinsey goes through in solving her cases and this was no exception. An entertaining read with one of my all time favourite characters.

Sadly, Sue Grafton didn’t get to complete her series and for her family and readers the alphabet now ends at Y. I would have loved to have seen how Sue Grafton finished the series but instead have to imagine Henry, William, Rosie, Cheney and Anna, amongst others, and of course not forgetting the terrific Kinsey Millhone simply getting on with their lives from where we leave them at the end of this read.

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As a side note, and it doesn’t form part of my review as it’s nothing to do with the author, but I received this paperback new as a gift for Christmas, and it fell to pieces in my hands.

Coming from a traditional publisher, Pan Books, and imprint of Pan Macmillan, I would have expected better. It’s certainly not possible to ever reread this book which is a shame.

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  1. Hole punch and a ring binder should sort that out for you! Or desperate all the pages and scan into a pdf?


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