The fact I am reading X shows I have stuck with this series and it’s main character, Kinsey Millhone, and am therefore a fan. While it clearly goes against all the forces in the universe to not start at the beginning of a series, I suppose, if you absolutely had to, you could read these in any order, but why would you?

In X we find Kinsey in something of a dry spell workwise so she gets involved with helping a friend prepare for an IRS audit. She also gets a call from a potential new client who had been recommended by a friend.

However, as always with these mysteries nothing is ever as straight forward as it first appears.

The majority of the book covers the investigative process and there is little action but the writing is concise and I’ve always liked Kinsey’s voice. She’s no nonsense and resourceful.

There is the continuing background home life too (a strong reason for starting from the beginning of the series) and with the current drought conditions in Saint Teresa, Henry, Kinsey’s landlord, and friend, is making every effort to conserve water. New neighbours have moved in who soon enlist Henry’s help with every little thing they need but Kinsey is not so easy to persuade and soon discovers there is more to Edna and Joseph than they all realised.

A well known series this is an obvious one to recommend but despite what I said above I’d advise you to start at the beginning, A is for Alibi. Sadly, I only have Y to go and how I wish that wasn’t the case.

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