A quick word about the website, as I mentioned before I had thought I might self publish ‘A Single Step’ so thought I’d set up a very simple website. I say ‘I’ as if I was actually going to be the one to do that, in fact it was the good people at Deeho who did it for me. Deeho are a one stop shop for online marketing services that does everything from website design and SEO to social media and internet marketing. They don’t usual have to deal with anything quite as small as my site I imagine as initially I just wanted one page. For ages there were just a few words about my book and the front cover design on it – mostly because I was still writing and hadn’t thought any further ahead than that.

Recently though, after my change of direction (which I don’t think I’ve mentioned to you yet!) I wanted it changing so Deeho took it down from wherever it was and put it where it is now on WordPress. I wanted to be able to get access to it, which I couldn’t before, as well as adding a blog to it to start building my author platform. At the moment of writing this there are a few changes to take place which should/may happen this week.

So I’ve started writing my posts, which are all new territory for me having never had any interest in any sort of social media. I’ve also learnt about applying SEO to the site and to each one of my posts which I quite like doing. I’m also fervently hoping that at some point in the near future someone will find my site – obviously if you are reading this then that person is you – so welcome!


Currently reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith

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