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So this is new…and very exciting!!

In the hurly burly rush towards Christmas, all of that a blur to me now, Mark Shaw, creator of the hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen contacted me via Twitter to say that my book had been requested by a couple of YouTube vloggers.

This is a huge reminder that I need to support Mark much more and will correct that this very day. Anyhow he is a huge supporter of indie writers and our books and works behind the scenes (I had no idea my book was even on a list somewhere) in supporting us.

After a brief exchange of emails I sent my book off to Signe in Norway and here is her first video with my book in her hand 🙂


I love Signe’s enthusiasm and am totally in awe if anyone who can be so confident in front of a camera. She comes across very well on these videos and I just hope (fingers crossed) that she is still as enthusiastic when she has read it!! 🙂

If you fancy taking a further look at my book (only 99p/99c) then here are the links…

Universal link for Amazon





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4 Responses to Yay!! A Single Step is on YouTube with vlogger @abottleofsigne @MarkTheShaw #IndieBooksBeSeen
  1. Wow! Signe’s poise and enthusiasm are infectious! Congrats and I can’t wait to hear her vlog review.

  2. Well done Georgia. I hope you gain lots of exposure and some new readers. 🙂


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