The wonderful Rosie Amber wrote a super post on this last week, which you can find HERE, and I thought I would do something similar. So, what has been getting me through this latest lockdown through the longest winter there has ever been. Obviously, these are in no particular order…


Thursday is now the best day of the week for me as I get to look after Ollie. He is 18 months old and into everything. Before the lockdown we used to go to Hamerton Zoological Park every Thursday morning so it has become more difficult to keep him entertained when we have to stay within the confines of the village. However, I’ve taken him and his football up to the playing field each week and he’s very good at kicking the ball around. My other half has been heard to say, ‘Finally, someone in the family who might be into football!’ Time will tell on that one. 😉



Well, of course. I’ve done pretty well to not add it to my online shop every week but there have been occasions when it’s been very necessary. I even made up a tray of Rocky Road with the excuse that I was doing it as a surprise for my Book Group, but the real reason was that I wanted some… however, delivering it to everyone’s door did at least mean I did not eat the whole tray of it!

Walks with Ruby!

Fresh air, however bracing/freezing/laden with precipitation, is good for us all and having a dog means there is no excuse not to go out. A break from the desk, a few peaceful minutes in nature makes me feel so much better. I am also lucky enough to be accompanied by my slightly bonkers dog, Ruby, who turned the grand old age of 16 last week (that’s 112 in human years!) Well, I guess we’re all allowed to be a little crazy at that age. 🙂  I took a photo of her on her birthday which is below and the one of the pups is her accompanied by her sister Meg who is also still alive and well and living just up the road.



Takeaways – or anything that gives me a break from cooking!

I am heartily sick of cooking stuff. I’ve been working throughout this pandemic so haven’t had the time, enthusiasm or inclination to discover my inner Masterchef goddess like so many others. So the occasional takeaway or easy meal option from the supermarket has been much appreciated, as have the meals cooked by my other half and my son and his girlfriend. I haven’t actually had as many takeaways as I probably could have had mostly because we live in a village with no pub and there are few places that deliver. We have to order and then go and pick up, and is that essential travel? Well, not really.

Image by dandelion_tea from Pixabay



As well as walking the dog I have, for many years now, done a DVD workout in front of the TV in my bedroom. My current favourites are these…

I alternate the workouts and do them at least twice a week, sometimes three times. Because I work at a desk I get very stiff and tense and these loosen me right up. Plus, again it’s a break away from the work. Do I look forward to doing the workout? No. Do I enjoy it while I’m working out? Rarely. Do I feel better after? Always.



I’ve written about my obsession with ER before HERE but I have loved having this series to watch this year. I’ve only just started series 4 so plenty to go yet but it has made me take off far more time from my desk than I ever usually do and I’m sure it’s helped my mental state.

Talking with family and friends!

Whether by walking with a buddy, FaceTime calls with family and friends or our weekly family Zoom sessions it’s good to keep in touch, and I love doing this with my online friends as well as those in my “real” life, there’s nothing like a chatty email to brighten the day. It’s also great to see another friendly face and to exchange a few words, even if none of us have much to say because we are doing nothing and going nowhere!

It’s good to talk!

And now guys, now we can see the light at the end of this bleakest of dark tunnels… let’s stay strong, stay safe and look forward to a brighter future. xx


How about you? What would be on your list? 


PS. Just realised I didn’t put wine on mine… what was I thinking!!

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6 Responses to 7 things that are getting me through Lockdown #3 #MondayBlogs
  1. I understand how you feel. I have also had to work all the way through this past year and it just feels relentless. We are facing our second Covid winter and it looks like it will be a cold one.

  2. We had our first take away since last February this weekend. I was so lovely not to cook a meal.

  3. Ah, this is nice! I think we’re all starting to flag a bit as confinement goes on, and on, and ON. A few things that were ok in 2020 are slowly falling apart in 2021, so your blog is a sharp reminder of the good things still on tap. A couple of times on the pre-curfew dog walk I’ve had to skip smartly out of the path of our hurrying motorbike delivery guy, made me think a takeaway could be fun. I’ll do it!


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