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I decided recently to read more in my genre so I looked at the top 100 in romantic suspense (which is as near as I can get to defining what I write) and chose this, Holy Island from the Queen of Kindle herself, L J Ross. By chance I also then heard her interviewed on the Self Publishing Formula podcast – The Three Million Book Woman, L J Ross. She came across very well, and her rise to success, by her own admission, has been the stuff dreams are made of. However, since buying this book I have seen it, and her others, everywhere, so someone somewhere has got the marketing very, very right.

When I started reading however I did a double take and went to check the categories the book is listed in – Detective, Conspiracies and Action – Adventure – okay then, romantic suspense must be one of its smaller categories. So, onto the review.

I enjoyed the setting for this story. There is something incredibly intimate about an island, and one that gets cut off from the mainland at certain times each day lends itself to infinite possibilities for story lines.

The story itself starts with death and the discovery of the body. DCI Ryan, a character I liked very much, becomes involved, even though he is not on active duty, but because of his proximity to the scene he’s soon back in charge. I wondered for a while where the romantic element was going to come from but then the lady did indeed appear and settled in well having links with the island anyway. (I should add the sex eventually happens behind closed doors for those that like it that way.)

The bodies soon begin to mount and with them the rise in the belief that they are connected to some type of pagan ritual. Indeed, we see conversations between those involved, without ever finding out their identities, which adds to the intrigue.

This story does have a clearly defined ending, thank goodness, however, there are enough mysteries left unsolved and a delicious twist in the epilogue that will encourage you to continue on with the series if you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.

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Accountability Post #23 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing

I have found out quite a bit about myself this week, or at least about my writing self.

Part of this came about from listening to a podcast on the fabulous Creative Penn. I have mentioned this fantastic resource of a podcast before here but the specific episode that helped me this week wasΒ Self-Publishing 3.0 And How To Build Success As An Indie Author With Orna Ross.

Just going to find this episode, so I could link it for you today, has reminded me that I should really listen to it again. This link above will take you to the transcript of the episode as well so you can read it if you prefer to, or if you don’t listen to podcasts.

Needless to say I haven’t followed any of the advice given in it thoroughly or properly, yet. However, I have felt a little lost in this writing world recently. I’ve questioned what I’m doing, and why, for example, and this episode made me jot down a few things about what I want as a writer and I have to say it has really helped clarify my thinking in several aspects.

When you know what you want out of something it helps in the decisions you make from then on in getting to that goal.

So to give you an idea here goes:

I don’t want to be an author who is turning out several books a year (which is just as well given my poor performance in that area so far!) If I could produce one book a year that would do me fine.

I don’t want to be famous. Nope, absolutely no interest in that.

I don’t want to be a speaker. Ditto.

I want to write what I want to write rather than what is required of me by someone else. Which rather confirms the next point.

I want to be indie! It suits my character and I like the control.

There is also something in my list about how much I’d like to earn a month from my writing, but I’ll keep the actual figure private, for fear you might injure yourself falling off your chair laughing. It might not be possible of course, and given all the things I don’t want to do it makes the likelihood of success in that area all the more remote, but the goal is there and now at least I’m clear on what I do, or don’t, want to do to get to it.

However, this sudden self-awareness doesn’t stop me getting a little frustrated at times. I got feedback from a reader this week. She is reading Parallel LiesΒ  and told me she is loving it. It is so interesting, she added, a thousand times better than a book she’d just read by an author everybody knows. Gahhh, the frustration of struggling to get your work out to a wider audience!!

The other part of finding out about myself came from my actual writing because I have really put the pressure on this week. And I have loved it, mostly…

I have realised that, much like my heroine, Emma Grayson, I am an all or nothing kinda girl. I had tried to fit in doing my writing in dribs and drabs around my day job, with poor results, as long time followers of this blog can attest to. I had to spend so much time simply remembering where I was in the story (or even what story I was telling!) each time I came to it the process was painful.

No, for me, I now know I have to set a deadline, a daily word count and I have to stick to it. Bum on seat, fingers on keyboard – there is nothing else. That is the only way I can fully absorb myself into what I’m writing. This has therefore been something of a ragged week in all other aspects of my life. However, just look at the numbers πŸ˜€

Project B – Hill of Beans – previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 40,537 words – now 55,037 words.

Getting there guys! Another mammoth week ahead though… wish me luck!

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#TuesdayBookBlog #bookreview for Christmas Once Again by D K Deters #shortstory #timetravel #romance #RBRT

I chose to read this short story, Christmas Once Again, when it was submitted to Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team. I received a copy from the author but this does not alter my review in any way.

I didn’t do any investigations so had no idea what this story was about, other than Christmas, until I read it. Actually it is not a particularly Christmassy story at all, although it does take place on Christmas Eve.

Madison Knight is broke and working for Once Again Antiques when she gets a call from a Zachary Murdock because his grandmother’s painting has been sold to the shop by mistake and he wants to buy it back.

That initially appears to be no problem until Madison discovers that the painting has already been sold on. The weather is atrocious with heavy snow but Madison goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the painting back.

This is a well-written story with a time travel twist, which I always struggle to get my head around, but it worked well and delivered a nice ending which is just what you want in a Christmas story.

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Accountability Post #22 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing

I’ve realised I set myself (probably) unrealistic goals. Like the one where I wanted to hit 50K by the end of October… as you will see below I am way behind that. And as my editor pointed out recently it’s only 19 days until that other self imposed deadline of the 22nd November arrives, when I said this first draft will be finished. There’s an awful lot of writing that’s got to have happened between now and then! Hey ho!

Still, it’s coming on. I have one bit that I haven’t quite worked out how, or perhaps why, it has to happen and I’m hoping that will resolve itself as I write around it.

In other news I shall be keeping A Single Step at 99p/99c everywhere for a while as encouragement to try the series so you can get that here if you’d like to. I shall be putting the price back up on Parallel Lies in a day or so (when I have a few minutes) it’s done very well with the little promotion I done and I’ve been really heartened by how many copies have been sold at Kobo – top stuff! So if you would still like a copy at it’s reduced price of 99p/99c you can get it here.

I’ve also launched another paperback giveaway today. This time, in readiness for Christmas, it’s for the whole of the Grayson Trilogy. I’ve signed and wrapped up the series so the winner can either keep it for themselves or give it as a gift. You can click on the image below if you fancy entering.

I have asked my designer, Simon Emery, to come up with the cover already though so I’m looking forward to seeing what he puts together. And, I already have a date in mind for publication… there’s nothing like jumping the gun is there πŸ˜€

Project B – Hill of Beans – previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 36,639 words – now 40,537 words.

It’s going to be a lot of bum on seat, fingers on keyboard this week… gulp!

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Georgia’s November Bumper Giveaway has started! Enter to win paperback copies of The Grayson Trilogy #giveaway #paperbacks

This Giveaway has now ended and the lucky winner was Jennifer Hevern! They’ll be another giveaway along next month πŸ™‚

Thank you to everyone who entered.

I am running my bumper giveaway early (for Christmas!) in case you want to give this as a gift, if you win of course!

I have paperback copies of the Grayson Trilogy, shown here…

The Grayson Trilogy - Georgia Rose… signed, wrapped and ready to post out to one lucky winner. Keep them yourself or give as a gift πŸ˜€

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#WordlessWednesday ~ Things I Like ~ Pumpkins (but not Halloween!) #pumpkins

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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#TuesdayBookBlog #bookreview for The Men by Fanny Calder #RBRT

I chose to read The Men as a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team and because I read this fabulous review for it from Terry Tyler which you can read here. This shows perfectly how recommendation spreads the word on good books. I received a copy from the publisher but that has not altered my opinion of this book or my review in any way.

The minute I opened The Men I knew I was onto a winner. This is not a story, there is no beginning, middle and ending, although technically, of course, there is. It’s more a series of relationship studies and it is compellingly written.

I imagine the narrator to be an exotic creature, impossibly glamorous and self-aware in a way I have never managed to be. This book is intelligently written with such an eye for the minutiae of the many relationships the narrator experiences that for someone who has had a more limited knowledge of the opposite sex it was incredibly interesting.

The writing though, that was the clincher for me, I loved it. Spare, honest and extraordinarily good. There were so many beautiful lines and phrases I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it each night. Thank you Ms Calder, it has been a joy.

Amazon UK

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Accountability Post #21 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing

It’s been weeks since my last accountability post, which is rather missing the point, but there you go. Stuff happened, like a website catastrophe that I’m hoping none of you noticed. But that is all settled now so I’m trying to get back on my blogging schedule.

However, in the meantime I have set a deadline for my first draft, of the sequel to Parallel Lies, to be completedΒ  – it is the 22nd November 2018 – and I’m going to be up against it to meet the deadline, seeing as I’m not yet half way to my rough goal of 80,000 words – a guess as to the likely length of this next novel. More on that in a bit.

In other news, I’m delighted to say that Parallel Lies has been accepted for a BookBub Featured Deal promotion – hurrah! Unfortunately it is not for one in the US and will cover the UK, Australia, Canada and India only, but hey, that’s better than a slap in the face with a wet fish, isn’t it!

I have therefore spent sometime today reducing the price of Parallel Lies on all the platforms, well in advance of the promotion day on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to get a few downloads before BookBub kicks in.

I’ve also still discounted it in all the markets…

So, Parallel Lies is only 99p/99c for the next few days and if you’re interested you can get it here.

Also, I’ve decided to reduce the price on A Single Step to 99p/99c for the next little while too. I’ll post this favourite photo (only because I wish they were my legs!) to show the cover…

And you can get your copy here, should you wish!

Plus, I’m taking part in a BookSweeps promotion at the moment. You can win an ereader (yay!) plus 40+ romantic suspense novels by entering and it ends on 31st October so you will need to get your skates on! Please click on the image below, or here, to go to the promotion.

The other news, which may interest the writers among you out there, is that I am now using Scrivener to write in. I am a bit of a control freak and I do find it difficult to find my way around my manuscript in Word (at the moment it’s 80 pages long, and I’m not yet half way through!)

After watching an excellent webinar last night I’ve downloaded the software, which is very reasonably priced, and imported my current MS into it. So far, so good. It all seems to have happened without a hitch. Chapters 1 to 11 have been completed to first draft level and being able to mark them as that really does make you feel like you are getting somewhere. The others are partly completed or consisting only of one line at present, it varies, but the word count will be increasing rapidly from now on, of that I have no doubt as I am enthused!

Project B – Hill of Beans – previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 30,128 words – now 36,639 words.

Have a fabulous week everyone and now back on my schedule I will be accountable to you next week as well!

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#TuesdayBookBlog #bookreview for Goddess of the Rainbow by Patrick Brigham


This book is set in the Greek town of Orestiada and the Goddess of the Rainbow is Iris, a DHL courier who is therefore also a messenger (although not of the Gods, unlike her namesake). This was an unusual read as the book is broken up into a series of short stories, really more like character studies, which all eventually came together, but it works very well.

After relentless rain the town is facing a flood and this affects the characters in these stories in different ways. I did like the mayor’s idea of bussing in Russian women to provide the possibility of wives for some of the bachelors in the town, the ghastly estate agent and his wife and the Greek Orthodox priest who is struggling with the loss of his faith. But there are many more characters and their storylines to enjoy along the way and they all interweave with each other.

Brigham’s knowledge of the area is clear, his writing is confident and tight and he shows real skill in managing to keep all these threads going through this work. Good job!

Amazon UK

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#TuesdayBookBlog #bookreview for The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories by P D James #murdermystery #crime #shortstories

The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories was my latest pick from our mobile library.

I love murder mysteries and short stories so this was a perfect choice for me. The title story is about a strained country-house Christmas party and has a nice little twist at the end. A Very Commonplace Murder is about an illicit affair that ends in murder, then there are two cases for detective Adam Dalgliesh. I particularly enjoyed The Twelve Clues of Christmas.

This was an enjoyable read and even though they cover murder they are set at a more innocent time when crime solving required nothing more than an astute policeman with an eye for a clue. Well written and cleverly plotted these are highly recommended.

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