I invited Laura Percival onto the blog this week to find out more about the person at the centre of my upcoming book, A Killer Strikes. Welcome, Laura. Make yourself comfortable. Ooh, and I see you’ve brought your little dog along. Thank you, yes this is Scout. She’ll be no bother. Here, I brought […]

The Shape of Revenge eBook is now available to pre-order. The publication date is 1 February 2023 Book Description   His secret’s revealed… Her revenge is silent…   A woman wronged. Her husband a cheat. Can she get her revenge without him realising he’s being punished?   Sharon Beesley, owner of Sharon’s Stores, discovers by […]

Is this really a change of genre for me?   I’ve always struggled with which genre to place my books in. My own fault of course. I started writing what I wanted to write without ever considering where they’d sit on the bookshelves of any store. Probably because I couldn’t imagine ever publishing them. Yet […]