29Dec 2020

  This second part of the My Life in Horses series is a collection of vignette-style diary entries and other pieces grouped by the four seasons, and spanning two years. One of these is 2020 so naturally includes the impact Covid 19 has had on this writer’s riding life. Jan Ruth lives and rides in […]

22Dec 2020

  I read Productivity for Writers after listening to a podcast recently. I have been writing for some years now so much of the information in the book I’ve heard/read before, here and there, however it never hurts to both, have this book as a reminder, and to have all the information in one place. […]

14Dec 2020

  I have something a little different for you this week… a competition. The Roses Mini Saga Competition is a venture I’ve embarked on with a friend of mine, Sally-Rose Runham. In its inaugural year we limited entries to three local writing groups to check our processes but in this, its second year, we have […]


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