I have been wanting to get to read a book by Elizabeth Ducie for a long time. I knew she had a new book coming out and knowing I couldn’t start mid-series (for only chaos can come out of that) I had to get cracking on Counterfeit first, and I was so glad I did.

Suzanne Jones is on a mission to stop the counterfeiting of medicines in Africa. Through the story we meet the people she works for in the UK and the team that helps her in Africa as well as her sister, Charlie. Suzanne puts herself in danger as she tries to get to the source of the fake drugs and people die around her as the net tightens in this well written thriller. Ducie keeps the reader guessing throughout and I was as surprised as the characters with one particular twist in the tale.

Ducie is an accomplished story teller and gains your confidence in her writing very quickly. I liked her characters and their relationships. Her knowledge of Africa, and the pharmaceuticals industry, is clear as the settings and technical detail all feels very real. This novel is well paced throughout and there is a terrific ending which finishes this book perfectly while setting it up for the next in the series. Highly recommended.

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  1. I do like Africa as a setting for a book, but sadly medical thrillers aren’t for me.

    • Having never been to Africa it is wonderful to read about it from someone who has but I understand about the medical thriller bit, not everything can please everyone, as we know 😀

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