Three Four

Three Four Knock on My Door is the second book in a series of crime whodunits (the first, One Two Buckle My Shoe I reviewed here) which is set in Grasshopper Lawns, a retirement village for people who have had an interesting past. Life is pretty steady for the occupants at the beginning of this tale although with a new inhabitant in the village with an unpleasant dog creating havoc, a suicide in the laundry and relatives popping up unexpectedly it doesn’t stay that way for long.

I do like a decent series of stories with characters you can rely on and with the core cast of Edge, Vivian, Donald and William (two of whom are having a little flirtation) together with a terrific setting Lamprey has got a good thing going on here and she writes it very well. What I also like is that the mystery creeps up on you. In this one there is no obvious murder with the ensuing hunt for the murderer it is far subtler than that. The story is just being told of everyday happenings at Grasshopper Lawns then the threads start to be pulled together. This is a great fun series that I would recommend to all lovers of cosy mysteries.

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